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In 1914, a man named Earnest Shackleton decided to attempt something that had never been done before. He was determined to lead an expedition across Antarctica, from sea to sea. He knew he would need a team of people to come along with him. Not just anybody, but people that were adventurous like him. So he took out an advertisement in the London Times that read: MEN WANTED For dangerous expedition: low wages for long hours of arduous labor under brutal conditions; months of continual darkness and extreme cold; great risk to life and limb from disease, accidents, and other hazards, small chance of fame in case of success.                                                                    Would you sign up? Newspaper articles reported a massive response to the ad. More than five thousand men and several women submitted their names for consideration. He evaluated many of them, searching for talented, physically strong people with other intangible qualities like attitude, character, determination, flexibility, and adaptability… the expedition did go from 1914-1917. He gathered the right people who wanted to make a difference and were willing to risk it all. I think most people want to make a difference in this life, at least I want to think that. I don’t think most people just desire to live a ho-hum existence, just drifting along in mediocrity. I’m not talking about seeking fame & fortune, just simply wanting their lives to count for something. We can be tempted to think that only a few famous people can really make a difference in this world, but not so. Every day, we have opportunities to be an influence in the lives of those around us for the glory of God. Earnest Shackleton and his team never completed the voyage in Antarctica. Their ship, named, the Endurance, became lodged between two ice floes and was crushed. As the ship was going down the crew scavenged some supplies and survived on a huge chunk of floating ice, and ultimately, against all odds he returned all of his men to safety as heroes. Later these men, many of whom became well-known adventurers in their own right wrote about their admiration and respect for Shackleton. In many ways, the Christian life is an incredible expedition that requires people just like this. I can only speak for myself, but I want to make a difference in the lives of people for God’s glory, in fact, that drives me every day. Even though you may feel more like a failure than a success, you never know the impact you are making in the lives of others as you faithfully follow and obey Jesus Christ. Press on! Pastor Brian Richard


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