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May 31st


Tithes & Offerings


A Down to Earth Conversation About Upward Living


Text: 1 Peter 2:11-12


For most of our nation's history, Christian values have closely approximated the vales held by our culture. How quickly those days have come to an end. Christian view and values are no longer tolerated as the "high road to morality" but scoffed at as backward and bigoted. Christians are beginning to be viewed as those our society would be better off without. We live in a pagan culture, surrounded by pagan people who embrace a pagan philosophy and a pagan way of life.


This would not have taken the apostle Peter by surprise; in fact, he would have expected it. In our text today, Peter tells us how we are to live out our relationship with Christ to a watching world. 


The central message of this section is SUBMISSION


I. To Live as Ambassadors - recognize you are in a Personal Battle.


II. There is a lifestyle to live (public)


  1. Who am I personally vs. publicly?

  2. What private battles are you fighting right now? Are you winning? Have you asked for help?

  3. Am I a good representation of Christ to those around me? If not, What needs to change?

  4. When I'm away from my church friends do I lower my standards, or do I maintain my Christian convictions wherever I am?


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