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The Invisible War

The Bible teaches that life has a dimension that goes beyond the material and physical environment. In opposition to God is Satan and a vast army of immaterial, rational minions that have given their allegiance to him. They are constantly at work, leading people away from their Creator. They have all been sentenced to eternal condemnation in the lake of fire (Matt. 25:41). Yet, that sentence has been postponed until the end of human history. Between the verdict of their judgment and the execution of the sentence is the panorama of human history. It is here that far too many Christians are ignorant - out of sight - out of mind. 

The spiritual warfare that occurs daily will seem insignificant compared to the devastating attack of the enemy during the Tribulation. As the judgments intensify, the assault of the enemy will take on a whole new dimension. The Apostle John sees an angel with a key to the bottomless pit (Abyss), releasing a horde of demonic creatures that have no direct parallels. These strange beings are able to devastate the inhabitants of Earth in a five-month foretaste of eternal hell. 

I wish I could tell you that after experiencing the unprecedented judgments of the Tribulation, the rest of humanity turned from their wickedness and acknowledged their Redeemer as Lord and God. However, the vast majority of humanity will remain entrenched in their rejection of Christ. They will stubbornly hold onto their demon worship and idolatry even in the face of the most extreme judgments mankind has experienced. The hardness of the human heart becomes like steel. 

The difficult truth is that our present generation is slowly becoming closed off to spiritual things. The warnings have gone unheeded for generations, yet God, in His mercy, is still calling mankind to repent in saving faith. 


Press On!

Pastor Brian Richard


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