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The Impact of a Faithful Mother

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most complex and exacting callings in life. A poll among women revealed overwhelming agreement that raising children properly requires as much intelligence and drive as holding a top position in business or government. And that task falls mainly on mother’s shoulders for the first six years of the child’s life. The hours her children spend in her presence will have a lasting influence on their lives.

The biblical account of Jochabed, the mother of Moses, reminds us that motherhood is one of life’s highest honors, and one of its heaviest responsibilities. Sometimes real faith calls us to do risky things. Jochabed was willing to defy the orders of a king in order to save her baby. This is still true today.

I think of mothers who have been unable to conceive but have seen that as an opportunity to adopt children who might otherwise have spent their lives in an orphanage. That's a courageous act of faith. I think of mothers who are marrie

d to unbelieving husbands but sometimes defy those husbands in order to expose their children to the truth of God's Word. I think of mothers who stand up to a teenage son or daughter, saying no to something when all the other mothers say yes. I think of mothers who ch

oose to give up a lucrative career so they can stay home with their children when everyone around them says, “that's crazy.”

What gives these mothers the courage to act in such a way is that they fear God more than they fear man. They want to please God more than they want to please their friends or their children or even their husbands. And they trust God. They trust that as they're obedient to what he's calling them to do in the face of threatening circumstances, He'll take care of them and their child.

Mothers, your ultimate purpose is to foster a courageous, sensible faith that will instill in your children a knowledge of, a faith in, and a love for this God who sees and knows your child's deepest need for salvation.

God will use you in a host of significant ways, but take heart, it’s not all up to you! God is working to accomplish His purpose in your children’s lives. Partner with Him today in prayer as you allow Him to do things you cannot.

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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