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Reverse the Curse

I still remember the day I was studying Revelation chapter 5 with one of my mentors, and for the first time, I started to grasp the enormity of what was taking place. The puzzle pieces were starting to form a bigger picture in my mind. The scene that the Apostle John is viewing and relaying to us is the point at which Jesus Christ is coming forward to reverse the curse of sin once and for all! This is the moment that all of creation has been prayerfully waiting for! In order to reverse the consequences associated with the fall of man, Jesus Christ, the God-man, would have to come to the earth, live a perfect sinless life, die, and rise from the dead. If that didn't happen, no one would be worthy to open the deed to the creation in Revelation Five. That means that God's plan would never come to pass. The world would never be judged. Jesus would not come back, and all of the promises of future deliverance would not come true. There would be no hope!

But God...don't you love that? God is too great to allow the world to drown in hopelessness. The fact is that Christ accomplished everything He needed to redeem the world and be found worthy. As John witnesses the Lamb of God coming forward, praise breaks out from everywhere. It's instantaneous joy. This starts the process of God putting everything back in its rightful place. 

All of the pain, sadness, sickness, and turmoil that we face in this life will one day come to an end. The great comfort of our lives is the fact that Jesus Christ has taken hold of the scroll. He is worthy. He is good. He is in control. He will finish what He set out to do. A marvelous future awaits all those who have made a personal decision to follow Him. 

Press On!

Pastor Brian Richard


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