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In the 18th century the French Philosopher, Voltaire, arrogantly, and audaciously announced to a large crowd that had assembled to hear him speak that within 100 years, the Christian Bible would fall off into the abyss of irrelevance, it would become of no use in the world. I'm happy to say that 250 years later the Bible is as relevant as ever because it has been preserved and protected by God Himself.

2 Timothy 3:15 is the single most significant sentence in all of the New Testament regarding the Bible because it deals with the issue of faith. The Apostle Paul didn't just write these words to Timothy, he wrote them to all believers who would run the race of life because he knew that, what you believe about the Bible influences everything you believe and affects every decision you make. In order to run well and finish well, you cannot have a casual relationship with God's Word. We know that there will be an increase in deception and imitation in these "last days." Satan is busy propping up leaders to promote his sinister agenda. He has infiltrated every aspect of culture - including religion. He continues to deceive and pervert the truth leading people into a false assurance that they can just believe whatever they want and "be okay" in the end. This is the great lie that Satan has promoted on humans for millennia. The truth is, the only way to defeat Satan’s lies and be in a right relationship with God is to be equipped with the truth of His inspired Word. How well do you know it? Voltaire was wrong. There are only two things that will last forever, our souls, and God’s Word! Press on! Pastor Brian Richard


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