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No One Left Behind in 2021

As we enter 2021, which honestly feels a lot like a continuation of 2020, one of our great challenges as a church will be to stay connected to one another. In ancient Rome, the Roman Legion had a phrase that was critical for moral, "No one left behind".

Our modern military has adopted this phrase as well.

The basic meaning is, everyone goes into battle together and everyone leaves together – at all costs. Although I have never had the opportunity to serve in the military, I understand how important loyalty, trust, and community can be to a group of people, especially in the church.

God designed each of us to be active participants in His building program, the local church. It is our “Jerusalem” from which together we reach our community and “the uttermost parts of the earth.”

Here’s the hard part… The spiritual health of our church is dependent on the spiritual health of its individuals. As we walk with the Lord individually, we walk corporately. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans longed for the mutual building of each other up in the faith, as well as the practice of encouragement. To be healthy Christians, we must be involved with other Christians. We cannot be passive with it comes to building relationships with one another. To be on the sidelines of the spiritual life of a local church is never God’s design for us.

The challenge this year is to truly be the church - No one left behind! Invest yourself in the lives of others. Encourage those who are lacking. Ask someone to be your accountability partner for Bible reading. Become a church member. Get involved in a ministry. Write cards to those who are missing or sick. Ask the Lord to lead you to those who may feel “left out.”

Personal involvement in the spiritual growth of others is what makes a church healthy and thriving. If you’re already doing that – praise the Lord! If not, why not?

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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