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Membership has its privileges

Ask not what your church can do for you but what you can do for your church. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, being a member of a local Bible-believing church is not optional. What is the local church? The local church is the authority on earth that Jesus has instituted to officially affirm and shape our Christian lives. Just as Jesus instituted the state, so he instituted the local church and instituted it with His authority. So instead of starting with the idea of a church as a voluntary association, we need to start with the idea of it as the people of a kingdom or nation. Church membership is a formal relationship between an individual and a local church congregation. Is Church Membership Biblical? Although Scripture does not contain an explicit command to formally join a local church, the biblical foundation for church membership permeates the New Testament. This biblical basis can be seen most clearly in (1) the example of the early church, (2) the existence of church government, (3) the exercise of church discipline, and (4) the exhortation of mutual edification. Church membership is a declaration of citizenship in Christ’s kingdom. It is a formal declaration of commitment to a local body of believers. Why Does it Matter?

  • It is submitting yourself to the care & authority of the Pastor and leadership God has put in place.

  • It signifies your commitment to believe and live out your faith with others in a biblical, God-honoring way.

  • Signing a statement of faith signifies that others can count on you to teach and abide by the doctrines the church holds to.

  • Church membership expresses love and obedience to Jesus Christ.

This is just a short excerpt from Pastor Brian's article, "Why Membership Matters." If you would like to pursue membership at Brookridge we would love to give you more information. Press on! Pastor Brian Richard


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