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How's your memory?

With all of the information we are exposed to these days, it seems harder and harder to remember basic things like phone numbers, addresses, and directions. We don't need to remember these things because we have smartphones that can do it for us. Have you ever lost your phone and experienced the helplessness of trying to remember someone's number? When it comes to our spiritual lives there is great power in remembering, however, there is a tendency to forget the things we need to remember and remember the things we should forget. Instead of reminding ourselves that God loves us and has a purpose and plan for our lives, we tend to focus on mistakes and problems. It may seem odd that Paul has to remind Timothy (and us) to remember Jesus Christ, but it's possible to just live your life in such a way that Christ is not affecting your daily decisions. There are Christians and churches all over the country that have largely forgotten Jesus Christ. There may be lots of programs and activities going on but there is no mention of the truth of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. The Apostle Paul instructs Timothy to remember the ultimate example of suffering hardship for the gospel - Jesus Christ. Paul brings the focus back to Christ as our example and says, "Remember Christ, risen from the dead, descendent of David..." The word, "remember" here is more than just thinking about something, it involves action. God has called us to remember the truth of His Word by applying it, not just absorbing information. Take some time this week and do some remembering. Remember that Jesus Christ wants to be the centerpiece of your life. Press on! Pastor Brian Richard


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