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An Incomparable love

It's raining its pouring... I hope this finds you dry and off to a good start to your week. This last Sunday we started a new series called, Seven Marks of a Disciple of Jesus Christ. We noted the first mark is supreme and incomparable love. Exclusive relationships are what discipleship is all about. Jesus said if we are to be His disciples we must love Him more than anyone or anything else. Our love for Him must be supreme. Allow me to share with you some of the things Jesus said could get in the way of our love for Him.

1. Opposition from family. Sometimes our love for Jesus causes us to be separated from our families. When we love Him above everything else, a love that’s greater than any other love in this world; that love may divide us.

2. Misunderstandings, insults.. Jesus challenges us to remember that this is part of the territory. One day all this stuff will be revealed for what it is - Jesus is coming with judgment to right all the wrongs so don’t let it get to you.

3. Persecution. Jesus is no stranger to this. Just as our love for Christ should surpass all earthly relationships, so should our fear of God be greater than our fear of any others.

How does Jesus know that you’ve made Him your highest priority? We know what love is by what love does. All lovers of Jesus refuse to walk in persistent, conscious disobedience to him. Our faith-empowered obedience in public and private places is the God-designed evidence of our love for Jesus.

Please spend some time this week evaluating your love relationship with the Savior. He desires this to be your top priority.


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