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Where Do YOU Draw the Line?

How far can we engage our culture without compromising our convictions? Where do YOU draw the line? These are questions Christians are asking and we all need to have well-thought-out answers. We’ve seen conflicts arising with Christian businesses who have deep convictions on not showing support for the homosexual agenda - and lawsuits & pressure to comply with severe penalties. Now there is a threat of hate speech for anyone that doesn’t conform to the new cultural norms.

We have to fight on multiple fronts. We are called to be the church in the midst of a culture rampant with violence, false religion, spiritual blindness, and sexualized deviancy, while at the same time maintain a positive message of hope to the world. We have to learn how to conduct ourselves as a minority in a majority world to the glory of God.

All of this parallels in many ways the life of Daniel. As a young teenage boy, Daniel was taken from his home, moved 900 miles away, had his name change to reflect a pagan god, thrust into an intensive indoctrination program, and told to do things that would compromise his beliefs.

Daniel “made up his mind not to defile himself.” Daniel said, “I draw the line here!” His rock-solid convictions at age 14 were formed over the early years of his life. They were the strands and the principles he had learned in his home and from Scripture. That’s why we need to be under the teaching of God’s Word as much as possible, as early as possible, and as often as possible. We need to develop deep inner convictions which will enable us to stand alone against those who push a secular humanistic worldview.

When you have made up your mind to stand firmly on God’s Word you can withstand any pressure to cave in. You will never regret the time, energy, sacrifice and resources you spend to expose your family to solid biblical teaching. It will be worth it all!

Press on! Pastor Brian Richard


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