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What if we missed it?

Several years ago, a group of historians met and asked a number of intriguing “what if” hypothetical questions, like, "what if Lee had won at Gettysburg? What if Booth had missed Lincoln? What if Napoleon had escaped to America?" At a time in history with more people than ever walking away from historic Christianity, perhaps the greatest "what if" question of them all would be, "what if Jesus had never been born?" The more you think about it, the more staggering it becomes. Everything that Jesus touched He utterly transformed. From science, education, music, art, and civil rights, to the dignity of human life and the establishment of America, Christianity has changed the world. All of these areas are significant, however, the most devastating thought of them all would be, if Jesus had not been born, there would not be any victory over death. Every man, woman, and child would remain a sinner and spend eternity in punishment. We would be eternally separated from God without hope. No Bethlehem would mean no Calvary. What would your life be like today if Jesus had not come? Christmas celebrates the fact that Jesus did come for us! Never lose the awe and wonder of the implications of Christ's entrance into the world. He came to seek and save the lost - that's us! Merry Christmas! Pastor Brian Richard


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