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Truth always transcends Culture

Sunday’s message brought us face to face with a section of Scripture in which Paul deals with some of the most challenging of all relationships on the earth, the submission of wives and husbands. In light of our enlightened and progressive thinking 21st century way of thinking, this section is being challenged, reinterpreted and avoided.

When you study the Bible you always want to guard yourself to not allow our culture’s interpretation of a particular topic to affect what the Bible says.

Our submission to each other stems from our submission first to Christ.

, personal preferences, and human wisdom. The Bible is authoritative in all areas of life.

I shared with you two of the keys to Bible study and interpretation:

- Think Biblically – Instead of Culturally. Culture will always be at odds with the Bible. Don’t let culture tell you where to stand. Stand firm in the text so that you are always riveted to the Word of God – not the times.

- Reason Theologically – Instead of Humanistically. That is, reason from God’s vantage point, not mans.

These are not given’s. When you study the Bible you always need to check your personal feelings, cultural biases, and presuppositions in light of what it is actually being taught. Ephesians 5:21-24 is teaching the God-ordained idea of biblical submission. Here’s our definition:

Biblical submission is the attitude and action of willingly and wholeheartedly respecting, yielding to, and obeying the authority of another.

Our submission to each other stems from our submission first to Christ. In our passage we learn that God’s plan is for the wife to willingly place herself, out of respect for Christ, under the authority of her husband. She does this in confidence that this honors God. The husband then is to love and cherish his wife understanding that he will be held accountable and responsible to God for those under his charge.

As you navigate your personal relationships spend some time in prayerful reflection on what this passage is saying to you.

Press On!

Pastor Brian


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