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The Church: God's Plan "A"

As someone who has been involved in local church ministry their whole life, I have heard more than my share of comments and questions about "church." Some won't darken the doors of a church because they see it as a corrupt institution or a commercial money-making machine. Some have been hurt by someone that wronged them. Some have become disillusioned by "religion." The church of Jesus Christ has been under attack since its inception. The enemy has worked relentlessly to besmirch, divide, and undermine the vehicle through which Christ has chosen to be His voice to the world. Yet, with all its problems, the church is still the most powerful, transforming force in history because God Himself empowers it. The church is eternal, built on timeless principles, and is designed to showcase the radiant, redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

In Acts 2, Luke gives us a first-hand glimpse into the formation of the early church following the supernatural events of Pentecost. He tells us that this group of people was wholly devoted to their new faith and the priorities of the Apostles. Friends, every local church is as different as the people that make it up, but the underlying purpose should always be to "do all to the glory of God" (1 Cor. 10:31).

Whether we’re eating at potlucks, bringing food to the needy, sending out missionaries, or teaching, the ultimate goal is God’s glory.

Is God's glory the top priority of your life? Are your thoughts, motives, and actions all fueled by a desire to allow God to use you? What is one thing that needs to change to allow Him to be glorified in your life right now? Press On! Pastor Brian Richard


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