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The Arrival of the King

A study of Bible Prophecy is never just about satisfying one's intellectual curiosities. It gives us an accurate perspective of what's happening in this life. How does that work out you ask? I listen to the news media and I don't freak out! I understand how this all ends. I understand human nature better. I see through the facade and allure of sin for what it is. I understand I have an enemy that wants to take me down, my family, my marriage, my church... and yet I know God is greater than my enemy. I know that He loves me and has a greater purpose that I can understand from my limited view. A day is coming soon when Heaven will open and the eternal King of Kings is going to return to the world's stage to claim His rightful throne. On this day all of the kings, rulers, presidents, and leaders who have fought against Him and His elect will not only lose their crowns but their lives and souls.

Jesus Christ is the standard by which everyone in the world stands or falls!

The name of Jesus is and always be the final authority. Since the tower of Babel mankind has been making one attempt after another to replace God with something else: Muhammed, Buddha, money, power, sports... they've invested their whole lives in these false idols thinking that they can fashion God in an image of their choosing. They don't want to hear about judgment for sin and so they argue from a position of willful ignorance. But realize this "at the name of Jesus Christ and Him alone every knee will ultimately bow. God is a God of grace. He is not slow about His promises, but He is true to His Word. Who has He placed in your life so that you can speak this truth into this week? Press On! Pastor Brian Richard


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