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Straight Talk about Temptation

In our study of James we have come to the topic of temptation. It’s important to understand that temptation knows no limits, it respects no titles or ages, it plays no favorites, it disguises itself like a snake, and it’s ready to attack at any moment.

Every single person faces temptation to one degree or another.

You can be tempted with pride, power, control, anxiety, worry, lying, cheating, coveting, complaining, envy, anger, procrastination, overusing electronics and social media, or laziness, and I haven’t even mentioned the pervasive temptation of immorality!

The trail of those who have fallen prey to enticement in one form or another is endless. James wants his readers to understand some important things about temptation.

1. Temptation is always present in life. You will never be to the place in life where you will never be tempted.

2. Temptation is NEVER initiated by God so we can never blame Him.

3. Temptation always follows a consistent process. It all begins rather innocently and gradually, but quickly leads the Christian into an out-of-control experience.  Alluring bait along with an inward desire conceives a sin and the cycle is set into motion.

Never forget - temptation can be resisted when we focus on the good!

When you’re overwhelmed by a particular temptation what do you think about? Where do you go? What are you feeding your mind on? Are the seeds that you’re planting in your mind coming from good sources or are you slowly poisoning your mind with “junk?” Phil. 4:8 is a great formula to memorize and seek to live out.

God’s word can literally deliver us from temptation. “Your word have I treasured in my heart that I may not sin against you” Psalm 119:11.

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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