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Shake and Shine

We are making our way through the Sermon on the Mount each week you will remember that in His final Beatitude, Jesus warned that those who are committed to His Kingdom will often be persecuted by a world that does not share their worldview. He anticipates the natural human tendency to want to avoid persecution and retreat into a protective shell by telling us that He’s left us in the world on purpose to be salt and light. These two brilliant metaphors speak of the influence we are to have on those around us.

Never forget that you and I are left here on purpose by an all-knowing God in a world in which the vast majority are going the wrong way. We are here to be difference makers to those around us. We are spiritual salmon swimming up the opposite direction from the rest in the stream of life.

Jesus looks at each one of us and says, “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world,” He wants us to shake like salt and shine like light to the world around us. It’s a powerful admission of the individual worth and mission of each and every believer.

May I ask how you’re doing with this? What kind of influence are you in your house? It all starts in the home and moves out to your workplace, school, community…

Let me encourage you to stay on mission in spite of the challenges. It’s confusing to people when they see Christians living with their light hid, acting just like everybody else.Share your faith with someone this week. God takes an ordinary person and uses them to share His message to lost people. Live a surrendered life to Christ so that He can shine through you. Don't hide your testimony or be ashamed to take your Bible to work. Don't be afraid to pray over your lunch at school or out to eat. Let others know that you love the Lord Jesus.

Don’t forget to…Shake and Shine for Him!

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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