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Prepared and Ready

In His message on the signs of His coming, Jesus gives a number of important "seasonal indicators" that signal His arrival. One of those signs is a parallel between the days of Noah and Lot and the general condition of the world before His return. We understand that both of these times in history were characterized by unbridled wickedness both morally and spiritually. One of the questions I asked was this, "why did none the people in the time of Noah or Lot sense that God's judgment was about to come down? What kept them from hearing and believing? The answer is inherent in the response of the activities that they were engaged with at the time judgment came. The people were simply going about the regular routine of their daily lives - eating, drinking, marrying, buying, selling, planting, and building. It was life as usual until it was too late. Except for Noah and Lot's family members, the entire population around them was engrossed in the wickedness of the culture!

Jesus is underscoring the fact that most people in this world do not seek Him out. Their life is consumed with the day to day stuff. Get up, go to work, eat meals, kids, activities, screen time, entertainment, off to bed, get up & repeat. The vast majority of people around us are totally insensitive to anything spiritual. There is a tone-deafness - and that’s all part of Satan’s strategy. They have no idea that the door of the ark is about to shut and the rain of God's judgment is about to be poured out.

How are you doing these days? Have you allowed yourself to be lulled into a spiritual lethargy ie. holy couch potato syndrome? Here's a prescription for spiritual success:

  • Stay alert to the spiritual battle around you

  • Stay away from anything that weakens your moral fiber

  • Stay involved with everything that strengthens your walk

  • Seize all opportunities to share the good news

Press On! Pastor Brian Richard


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