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Praying to Him, or to be Heard?

In our study of the Sermon on the Mount, we see Jesus warning His followers against putting on a spiritual show. Everyone on the hillside that day had probably watched and heard the religious leaders stand on the street corners during prayer time and give an impressive oratorical performance. Prayers had become very formal, repetitive, long, and even scripted. These people claiming to talk to God, in reality, were talking to the people around them. It became a cause of pride rather than a humble expression of someone in need.

Remember, the only genuine motivation to pray or serve God is not to get something from Him, but to get more of Him. Our greatest need is to know Him more. He is Holy, wise, strong, and capable. He is here and yet He is far beyond us. He cannot be contained. He is the God who spoke the universe into existence. Before we ask God for anything, we need to recognize the treasure we have in Him alone. We want His plan, His purpose, and His priorities to take center stage in our lives. God-centered prayer is about conforming our wills to His, not His will to ours.

May I ask… how’s your prayer life these days? Are you intentionally setting aside daily time to get alone with God? Are you able to shut out all the distractions and focus on your relationship with Him, even if it’s for a short period of time?

God can do more in a tiny fraction of a second than I can accomplish in years. He can do it bigger, better, and more permanently than I can even imagine.Once we understand this we will learn to say, “I’m too busy not to pray.”

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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