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Prayer from the Deep

What if I called you and asked if you wanted to join me for an incredible journey to go up to the Temple of God where we would have an audience with the Creator of the Universe! He has ASKED us to come before Him and share our requests with Him and He has promised to answer us. Are you IN??? What request would you bring? As His children we have that privilege every day of our lives.

There is a danger for all of us to live a prayerless life. We can go through life making all kinds of decisions, playing the part, and talking the talk, all the while never seriously engaging God in prayer, unless something really big is going on.

How many times in the last six months have you said, “man, things are bad…really bad… oh if that guy gets elected it’s game over… I don’t know what to do.. I guess all we have left to do now is pray.” Can you imagine how insulting that must be to the heart of God? He doesn’t want to be our last resort, He wants us to trust Him as our first thought!

Jonah, in his rebellion, refused to call on God until he was in distress. On the flip side, God, in His mercy, heard Jonah and answered him. Does this speak to you today?

When you need Him the most and deserve Him the least, He is there for you!

Remember this, no matter what you have done, in spite of how far you have run, no matter how long you’ve been running – God will hear you. He will forgive you; He will accept you, He will change you, and He will use you.

Press On!

Pastor Brian


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