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Paradise Found

The question that is asked more than any other about God is related to this, “if there is a God, why does He allow pain and suffering? Why do murderers go free? Why do hundreds of millions starve to death each year? Why are Christians persecuted? Why does He allow bad things to happen to “good people?” Why didn’t He create a world where there is no injustice, conflict, suffering, and death? The answer is… HE DID! We know from Genesis 1-2 that such a world did exist until sin caused that paradise to be lost to Satan’s control. We are living in the aftermath of a sin-wrecked world, but God is not to blame! Don’t blame Adam either - we’ve all sinned. The fact is there is no one righteous, no not one (Romans 3:10). Sin wrecks everything! Paul writes in Romans 8 about the creation's “deep groaning” for freedom from the slavery of corruption. The way things are supposed to be is a long way from what we actually see. Can you imagine a world in which there is truly peace on earth? How about, justice for all, strong healthy marriages, healthy homes, harmony in our relationships, no crime problems, moral purity, integrity…? Will we ever know a time like this? Will the deep groaning for a redeemed creation ever be answered? Will happily ever after really come, or is that just in fairy tales? The Bible answers emphatically - YES! The most prominent prophetic promise in the Bible is that one day Jesus Christ is going to return to earth and establish the world in perfect peace, justice, and freedom from suffering. That kingdom period is called the Millennium, or Kingdom Age. This future thousand-year kingdom is the end of human history and the beginning of Christ’s eternal reign. After it is completed, everything we know will be completely destroyed and then recreated as a new heaven and new earth fit for eternity future. Knowledge of the future brings change to the present. The only way you will be able to enter the joy of reigning with Christ is by having a personal relationship with Him right now. We have hope, and joy because of what He has done and will do. Are you living your life in reflection of this future hope?

Press On! Pastor Brian Richard


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