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As we venture into the final section of John’s letter, the important concept of belief comes to center stage. He writes, “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.” The word “believe” is never meant as mere assent to something. It’s an “all-in” type of belief. It’s the difference between a person being a fan or a follower.

A believer is one who trusts in, relies on, and is wholly committed to something or someone. In this case, it’s the Person of Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Can you say, “it’s settled, there’s no room for debate, I trust my eternal destiny to Him, and Him alone?”

If that’s true then you also love the Father, love the other members of His family, and willingly observe His commandments, which are not burdensome.

Why? Because if you are born of God, you overcome the world!

This changes our whole way of looking at the opposition we get from the world. John tells us that we have victory right now as a result of our faith in Jesus Christ. Because He has defeated death and Satan, we will also overcome them. We don’t have to walk around acting defeated because Jesus has made us victors!

Realize your position as an overcomer and take hold of the Spirit’s power to overcome the obstacles you are facing right now. Claim victory in the powerful name of Jesus.

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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