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Life Wins

On Friday, the Supreme Court reversed the Roe decision from nearly 50 years ago and returned the issue of abortion to the states. This is one of the most significant legal rulings of our lifetime.

Abortion is a difficult issue to talk about because it is almost impossible to find someone who is neutral on the subject making it the most emotionally-divisive issue in America. I know it's not popular and there is risk involved, however, as a Pastor of a local Bible believing church, I have a God-given responsibility to speak out on issues that affect our lives.

We are charged to confront the moral and spiritual issues of the day from a Biblical perspective. We cannot be silent on issues that God has clearly spoken. To take an innocent life, born or unborn, young, or elderly, is to break the sixth commandment to not murder, and is a serious offense in the eyes of God.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what I think, or you think, or what a medical professional, or politician or scientist...compared to what God has said, and the Bible teaches us that life in the womb is sovereignly formed and framed by God and is therefore sacred to Him!

Both born and unborn bear the image of God. This subject of life is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual issue! A child is a theology lesson wrapped in flesh that displays the glory of God.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the destruction of human life is a spiritual issue. Every attack on human life strikes at the very image of who God is. That’s why the concept known as the sanctity of human life is so basic and important. When the enemy convinces a scared young woman to destroy her preborn child, he scores one more strike in his campaign to harm everything God loves.


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