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Life is Unfair!

How old were you when you discovered the terrible reality that life is unfair? It's typically at a fairly young age when we learn the concept of fairness, although we won't really understand that word for years to come. Why do some people excel in some areas while others struggle? Why do my friends have the latest gadgets and I have old junk? As the song lyrics go, "Why do the good die young?" We carry our disdain for things we deem to be "unfair" throughout the rest of our lives.

In our study of Ecclesiastes, Solomon has been observing the inequities of life through a horizontal perspective. He sees religious people who have blatantly ignored and/or disobeyed God's Word in life being exalted in death. He sees a corrupt judicial system that either delays justice or overlooks wrongdoing, which causes more of the same. One of the big lessons of vertical living, and made plain here in our study of Ecclesiastes, is this: In the trials and mysteries of life, we must trust that God knows exactly what He's doing. He gives us all the information we need to know, not necessarily everything that we want to know.

The solution to our dilemma is to rest in the knowledge that God is God, and we are not! God operates in a realm that is far above us. He puts the wisdom of man to shame. He has made a number of things plain and understandable, like the Gospel, but there are a lot of other things that we cannot know with 100 percent certainty.

Remember this: Rest in the knowledge that God's promises and purposes will accomplished according to His good pleasure. God is not going to right all the wrongs in this world until Jesus Christ returns. We do not live by explanations; we live by promises. Be quick to honor the Lord with your faith and trust.

Press On,

Pastor Brian Richard


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