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His Coming is Sure, Are you

How would you like to know the future? If you could have known two years ago what was going to happen in early 2020 would you have wanted to? As humans, we have a natural desire to know what lies beyond us. What will it be like here on the earth in the future? What changes will take place in the next 6 months? How about 1 year? The world has become a scary place. There is so much uncertainty just about everyone is asking, "what in the world is going on?" Thankfully, the Bible has answers!

In the final week of Jesus' life on earth, He addresses questions regarding the end of the age. This fascinating section is known as the "Olivet Discourse," which just means His teaching from the Mount of Olives. It is the longest answer to any question that Jesus gives in the New Testament. He gives a survey of the events that will lead to the end of the earth as we know it. This is all future to our day, and I believe, comes after the Rapture of the church. When you talk about Bible prophecy, believe me, there are a lot of opinions, guesses, and failed predictions.

Is there hope?

Many ask questions like, "will things in our troubled world ever get any better? Is it just going to continue to get worse and worse or will there be an end to all the war, hostility, inequity, crime, and chaos?" I mean, it can’t get any worse, can it? I have a two-part answer. First, the bad news. I'm sorry to say that this old world is going to get a whole lot worse. There is coming a time of unprecedented trouble – following the Rapture of the church called the (Tribulation). This is a time of judgment on the world for its rejection of Jesus Christ.

The good news is after it gets much worse, it's going to get a whole lot better because Jesus Christ is coming back. He will defeat His enemies, and keep His promises. It’s not time to panic, get depressed or retreat! It’s time to engage our world! It’s time to share Christ. Remember, Christ is still building His church and we are privileged to be part of it.

Where are you in His story? It's not too late to turn to Him in saving faith. It's never too late to commit yourself to be the man, woman, or young person God has called you to be!

Press On,

Pastor Brian Richard

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