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Expecting a Profit

The parable of the talents is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the most convicting sections in the entire Bible for both the believer and those that are Christian in name only. Allow me to review the main points of the parable.

  • Time - we all have time. Not the same amount of time, but we all have a certain amount of opportunity to serve the Master.

  • Abilities - Everyone has some kind of God-given capacity (ability) for Kingdom work.

  • Resources - Everyone has been given resources in varying degrees to perform their abilities.

There is coming a day where all believers will give an accounting for their lives. While the question of salvation is not in view, Jesus, the righteous Judge will ask, "Tell me how you've used the time, abilities, and resources that I have given you for the profit of the kingdom?" Please understand that salvation by definition brings us into a right relationship with God. The evidence of salvation is our response (works).

There will be many people like the third slave who chose to bury his opportunity. This individual was not really sold that the Master was really coming back. He had a distorted view of Him to justify his actions. The Master called the man out as an imposter and sent him into eternal punishment.

Others, who have saving faith in Christ, but have done very little for the kingdom, may experience regret, shame, and a loss of rewards for their lack of productive stewardship. How about you? What is the fruitful labor God has given to you? What is your ministry, your unique contribution to the kingdom of God? Friends, God’s system of rewards and responsibilities will not be arbitrary, on the contrary, it will be based on your stewardship with the life He has given you.

Don’t bury what God has entrusted to you; go to work with it, for the glory of God, and for your eternal rewards.

Press On! Pastor Brian Richard


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