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Church is a Team Sport

Imagine that you are famished. You haven’t eaten for several days, but you have been invited to a banquet. You arrive and are seated with the other guests as huge platters of delicious smelling food are served. But then you discover that you have a rather serious problem: your arms will not bend at the elbow! You can’t get the food from your plate to your mouth! Then you learn that everyone else at the banquet has the same problem! No one can taste this feast unless he decides to go for it face first, like a pig! But then one guy gets an idea. He reaches down with his fork and gets a mouthful of food. With his stiff arm, he swings it over into his neighbor’s mouth. His neighbor reciprocates and soon everyone is feeding one another and enjoying the banquet. That’s a picture of how God’s people should function. God made us as individuals and we should not deny it. But at the same time, He has made us interdependent individuals. We are many members, but one body in Christ. God uses ordinary people in various stages of development to accomplish His work. Luke highlights that truth as he shifts the focus away from Paul and onto a number of individuals who were works in progress to show us that Paul was not the only one doing the Lord's work. Many in the church expect the Pastor as the "paid professional" to do the bulk of the ministry, however, Scripture teaches that the Pastor is there to "equip the saints for the work of ministry." We all have a role to play in the process. There are no benchwarmers on God's team! I want to encourage you today to first, evaluate where you are in the journey to spiritual maturity. Wherever you are - start there! If you're alive, God isn't finished with you yet. You don't need to be perfect to serve. If you need help, ask. Second, find a place on the team. We all have a responsibility to evangelize and disciple others. I appreciate all of you and the many contributions and sacrifices to the ministry you are making! Press On, Pastor Brian Richard


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