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Begin with the End in Mind

Over the last several weeks churches all around the world have been celebrating the first coming of Jesus Christ. We set up the Nativity, the Christmas Tree, we've sung songs about the Lord Jesus entering into this world; we've read Scripture, and we've heard sermons about His birth. We do a great job of celebrating the first coming of our king, but what can often be overshadowed is the anticipation of the second coming of Christ, and its implications.

Do we know exactly when he is coming back? No, but here's what we do know: We are closer today than we were yesterday. We are closer this year than we were last year. We do know, from the pages of Scripture, that He is indeed returning. So the question is, "Are you ready?" What are you doing in the meantime, while you wait for his imminent return?In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus communicates that people need to live with the end in mind.

In this Parable the master entrusts a certain amount of money to three of His servants. Each of them is given the opportunity to manage the amount allotted to them in a way that will bring gain on his return.

The big principle of the parable is God’s gifting in our lives demands a response.

God gives each one of us different opportunities in this life according to our abilities, and there is a corresponding expectation that we use what we are given for Him. If we don’t, we are robbing Him.Our God is certainly a God of tremendous grace and blessing, but He cares what we do with the hours and years of our lives. He wants us to take advantage of the opportunities He provides.

Let me tell you why this parable is so important for you and me today. This next year, we are all going to be given different opportunities. For many of us, there are probably things in this new year that we either need to start doing or need to stop doing but the question is: "What are you going to do with the opportunities God gives you?"Will you begin this new year with the end in mind?

Press On,

Pastor Brian


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