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At the Appointed Time

Daniel 11 is a remarkable chapter that reminds us of the temporary nature of nations and rulers. We must affirm the fact that the times and the seasons are appointed by God. This is all about Him! Today most people are taught that God is anything you want Him to be. They believe in God only so far as He meets their expectations and fulfills their needs. He’s around if you need Him, but as soon as tragedy strikes He is nowhere to be found.

The Biblical picture of God is total control. He is a God who allows His people to be taken into captivity. He allows pagan kings to do His bidding. He allowed His own Son to be crucified on the cross and raised on the third day.

We have a tendency to think big thoughts about ourselves and little thought about God and wonder why our lives are upside down.

What Daniel helps us to understand is that we’re not just down here just doing our own thing! We are to view the unfolding of history through the view of Scripture. The Creator of the world who “sits above the circle of the earth,” sent His only Son from His throne in Heaven to a manger, and from a manger to a cross for you! Why? Because of His great love! He did that to establish a relationship with you. To give you purpose and direction, and ultimately bring Him glory as you give your life to Him.

Press on!

Pastor Brian


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