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Are you sitting on the sidelines of Passivity?

It’s easy to settle into a comfortable, routine Christianity, where you drift into a safe routine. In this state your heart is not panting after God like the thirsty deer panting after God’s Word. It’s much easier to sit on the sidelines in

and say, “what’s the point, somebody else will do it…I’m comfortable.”

Friends, the Christian life isn’t about living “safe,” it’s about stepping out in faith and often doing hard things. Oswald Chambers, the author of “My Utmost for His Highest,” makes the comment, “Thank God He gives us difficult things to do.” Chambers is saying as you mature in the faith you learn that God often has us go through difficulties because He wants us to grow!

Sunday evening we went through an important review of the book of Ezra where we saw this in action. Many of the Israelites in Babylonian captivity had become comfortable in their new surroundings. When the order from King Cyrus was given allowing them to return to their homeland many thought, “why go back there when we have a good life here?” It was inconvenient, risky, and difficult.

Throughout our Christian lives we are given opportunities to serve, obey, trust, and do hard things. The Bible says that Ezra, “set his heart on the law of the Lord.” He recognized that he had an obligation as a child of God to make God and His word his top priority; he was ALL-IN!

What have you set your heart on? Is studying, applying, and teaching others God’s Word a top priority in your life? If not, what is taking its place? As a result of Ezra’s total commitment to God Scripture states, “The good hand of the Lord was upon him.”

Be Careful! The allures of this world will always be strong. Set your heart on things that have eternal value and commit yourself to being ALL-IN-FOR-HIM!

Press On!

Pastor Brian


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