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A Father's lasting Impression

I hope you are enjoying these warm sunny days!

Just think, it was only 10 weeks ago that we experienced “snowmaggedon 2018!” Sunday’s AM message brought us to the sixth and final chapter of  Ephesians. In this first section, Paul paints a portrait of a Spirit-filled home in the relationship between children and parents. We learned that being a parent isn’t about you or me but about God Himself. He placed parents in authority over children because they need wisdom, guidance, and protection that only loving Moms and Dads can give.

I shared this excerpt from Randy Carlson’s book, “Father Memories on Sunday but several wanted me to do so again here, 

Fathers leave a lasting impression on the lives of their children. Picture fathers all around the world carving their initials into their family trees. Like a carving in the trunk of an oak, as time passes the impressions fathers make on their children grow deeper, and wider. Depending upon how on the tree grows those impressions can either be ones of harmony or ones of distortion. Some Fathers skillfully carve beautiful messages of love, support, solid discipline, and acceptance into the personality core of their children. Others use words and actions that cut deeply and leave emotional scars. Time may heal the wound, and dull the image, but the impression can never be completely erased.”

Remember – you cannot impart what you do not possess. If you are not walking in submission to God’s Word you cannot expect your children to do so.

Press On!

Pastor Brian


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